Coogee is open 8.45 am to 3.15 pm each day and children may attend all day or morning/afternoon sessions. We advise parents that children should attend at least two sessions per week to maintain continuity.

Coogee is closed on Bank Holidays plus one week at Easter, one week at the end of August (Bank Holiday week) and approximately two weeks at Christmas.

The year is divided into 4 school terms:

  • Spring Term - January to Easter
  • Summer Term - Easter to End July
  • Summer School - 3 weeks in August 9am-1pm.*
  • Autumn Term - September to Christmas
    * Summer school is optional and designed to amuse and entertain children during main school holidays

All our children are divided into small groups according to their age and development. Each group has a key worker who plans activities around their age group.

Activities include arts crafts, dance, music, educational games, small world play, role play, computer based learnin, seasonal celebrations, child driven interests and topis and involving adult members of families.

Refreshments and Lunches

Drinks, fruit and a snack are provided at break time.

Children who attend full days are asked to bring a packed lunch which is stored in a refrigerator until lunchtime when all children sit together with the staff. Drinks are provided. Children have access to drinking water at all times.