There is often a waiting list for entry into 'Coogee' and parents are advised to apply well in advance of their child’s start date, which is usually after their second birthday. Coogee is not licensed to take children under 2 years of age.

Entry is strictly by rotation of application and therefore we are not able to guarantee places unless booked early. Existing children moving on to their next schools dictate availability. There is a school open day each Spring. Parents are required to give a minimum of 6 weeks notice of a child leaving.

Parent Partnership

Our policy is to work closely with parents in order to ensure the most successful outcome for each child. Parents will be invited to fill in a child profile in order for us to gain a greater understanding of their needs and requirements. Parents are invited to progress meetings in each of the three main terms when a full review of the child’s development takes place.


Our flexible policy allows your child to settle in quickly. Mums can accompany the children on initial visits. Hours can be built up gradually and we encourage daily contact when information can be shared.

Children are assessed throughout their day at the nursery and a wonderful personal profile is collated as the child progresses through the nursery.

We pride ourselves in having good relationships with all our families. We like to include families in all our experiences and celebrations. Working closely with parents ensures the most successful outcome for each child.


Fees are paid at the start of each term and/or month according to the number of sessions/days booked.

Nursery Education Grants for 3 and 4 year old children are provided by the education authority in which the child attends the nursery. Also 2 year old grants are available to those families who are eligible.